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America and False Terror Fears Continued

Don’t you see now?  They (The globalists) are using the Bin Laden Death Hoax to stir fear in the heart of America.  They say that there are no credible threats but they are going to heighten vigilance….be prepared for the man with the rubber glove at your local shopping mall…coming soon to a venue near you.

Cities Nationwide Heighten Vigilance on Terror

By Jr.

MIAMI — In large and midsize cities across the country, police chiefs and domestic security officials say they have drastically increased counterterrorism operations under the assumption that a “lone wolf” or a small group of terrorists will try to strike on American soil to avenge the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Reed Saxon/Associated Press

A police officer and a sniffer dog on Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after a demonstraton of the dogs.

Although there are no known specific or credible threats, many of the officials said they are convinced that operatives of Al Qaeda or sympathizers will be highly motivated in the weeks and months before the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, according to interviews with more than a dozen police chiefs and senior counterterrorism officials.

The officials said they were especially concerned that a terrorist plot would focus on a target perceived to be “soft,” like a train station or a shopping mall.

“In the short term, we are facing more danger from lone wolf actors who will see Bin Laden’s death as justification in their minds to mobilize and do something here,” said Deputy Chief Michael Downing, head of the Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau in the Los Angeles Police Department.

In the past dozen days, several senior police officials said they had not seen so much frenetic counterterrorism action since the weeks after Sept. 11, 2001. The activities have included numerous briefings with F.B.I. and Homeland Security officials in Washington, as well as conference calls with joint terrorism task force members and local officials, some as often as twice a day.

“I personally think the chances of an attack are highly likely,” said Boston’s police commissioner, Edward Davis. “The terrorists have utilized Bin Laden’s death to turn up the rhetoric on this extremism. I think simply due to the odds, something will happen somewhere in the United States. We have to be extremely vigilant.”

There is something of a consensus that trying to prevent an attack by one person or several people poses a more complicated challenge than trying to stop a more elaborate — and perhaps easier to detect — plot involving a dozen or more participants.

President Obama echoed the concerns in an interview on Friday with WLTV, the Miami Spanish-language Univision affiliate, saying, “There is no doubt that when it comes to the American people that after having killed Bin Laden there may be a desire on some Al Qaeda members to exact revenge, and that’s something that we have to be vigilant about, and we’re monitoring all these situations.”

As for the kind of terrorist plot they expect to see, most officials pointed to the arrests in New York City on Wednesday of two men who the authorities said had intended to carry out a grenade-and-guns attack against a synagogue in Manhattan.

Officials also mentioned their concern about the suicide bombing attack on Friday at a military training center in northwest Pakistan, which killed 82 people and wounded at least 150. Taliban leaders later said the attack was to avenge the killing of Bin Laden, though the Pakistani police said they doubted that claim.

Homeland Security and F.B.I. officials have told state and local police officials that the Bin Laden killing could lead to quicker timelines for gestating terrorist plots that had previously been intended to coincide with the Sept. 11 anniversary.

State and local police departments in most cities have increased the number and visibility of patrols, particularly at busy sites like airports, train stations, ports and ballparks. At N.B.A. playoff games in a handful of cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami, the police have increased their presence at arenas.

“It is more likely something will happen here,” said the Los Angeles police chief, Charlie Beck. “Do I think over all the world is safer? Yes. But you don’t end the terrorism threat just by getting rid of Bin Laden.”

In the writings and computer files seized from Bin Laden’s hide-out in Abbottabad, Pakistan, American intelligence officials found evidence that the Qaeda chief was fixated on attacking the United States above all other global targets. He had urged Qaeda lieutenants to recruit non-Muslims “who are oppressed in the United States,” including African-Americans and Hispanics, to help organize a spectacular attack timed to the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, officials said.

Several local police and counterterrorism officials said they were struck by intelligence that indicated midsize American cities were considered for attacks. A thwarted attempt to bomb an airliner bound for Detroit on Dec. 25, 2009, was traced to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.


Alert!!!! Massive False Flag Pretext Warning being designed

Make No Mistake About It We Are Being Prepped For War With Pakistan


In light that we are responsible for invoking the uprisings in the Middle East and surrounding areas, the big target over there is Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia has realized that we are betraying them and are about to see to it that the Saudi Arabian regime falls soon.  Saudi Arabia has seen this and has run to Pakistan for help (In past history the Saudi’s have done this as well).  Now that we are blaming Pakistan for aiding and abetting our manufactured enemies of the war on terror, this is going to be used as a pretext to go to war with Pakistan.  Remember, Pakistan is a nuclear nation, they have full backing by China, China is not happy with us because our dollar is crumbling.  This will likely be the starting point of World War Three. It is possible that the United States may pull off a false flag attack on the mainland and blame Pakistan as yet another pretext to war.  I have no links to offer you at this time (Google search the information yourself, if I have time I will edit this post with links).  I am simply sounding the warning siren!  America is at a heightened security alert, the police state is stepping up patrols and are using the pretext that we should expect retaliations from our terrorist enemies as a means to strip you of your constitutional rights and rights under the Bill of Rights.  They are prepping you to accept that relinquishing our rights for safety will be acceptable.  So…Stand Warned!

False Flag Event In The Making?

According to this link Israel is conducting joint military exercises in a possible preparation for an attack on Iran.  I must admit that I have problems with the credibility of the source(s) of this article however I find it interesting that such an article has surfaced amidst the news of Bin Laden’s alleged recent demise and that the US in under a heightened state of alert.  False Flag terrorism is nothing new to the United States and other governments around the globe.  Could the US or Europe possibly be in the process of staging a terror attack than pit Iran or a terror organization in Iran (Perhaps in retaliation for Bin Ladens death) as the culprit?  With the Mid East exploding this would make up for an interesting scenario of whom to blame for the next terror event.  I realize that what I am alluding to is all speculative but I am just putting the idea out there. Hidden news articles such as this one need to be brought to light as a way to track a possibly paper trail to tell the tale such as the long paper trail leading to the events of 911. Remember that in almost every circumstance of a false flag event suspicious news articles such as this one tell a tale of a potential future event.

Exposing The Globalist Agenda Can Backfire!

I am on a mission to expose the agenda of the ‘New World Order’ otherwise known as the Global Elite.  They are on a mission to hide everything in plain view to make slaves out of you by stealing away your God given rights and the rights guaranteed us by the United States Constitution because these people are evil. They are Luciferian, they are on a mission of evil and I am a child of God not meant to be enslaved by the powers that be.

Having said all this, it is believed that by exposing these people, the more people who awaken to their mission the more likely it is to stop them in their tracks however there is one danger in doing so.  It is possible that panic may set in and the elitist may speed up their agenda and foil the rebellion such as causing a major false flag terror attack on American soil expediting their mission to impose nationwide marital law stripping away any liberties we have left under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Of course this will only spawn a mass revolt in the streets of America which is what they want…to create more chaos out of disorder.  This is the danger that runs through the back of my mind each and every day however what keeps me going is the fact that if nothing is done, we might as well just follow them to the slaughter, give them the keys to our houses and allow them access to every part of our lives right now!

I will not lay down. I will not bow down regardless of the consequences.  Being called a Conspiracy Theorist is an honor and I take pride in doing what I do.