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False Flag Event In The Making?

According to this link Israel is conducting joint military exercises in a possible preparation for an attack on Iran.  I must admit that I have problems with the credibility of the source(s) of this article however I find it interesting that such an article has surfaced amidst the news of Bin Laden’s alleged recent demise and that the US in under a heightened state of alert.  False Flag terrorism is nothing new to the United States and other governments around the globe.  Could the US or Europe possibly be in the process of staging a terror attack than pit Iran or a terror organization in Iran (Perhaps in retaliation for Bin Ladens death) as the culprit?  With the Mid East exploding this would make up for an interesting scenario of whom to blame for the next terror event.  I realize that what I am alluding to is all speculative but I am just putting the idea out there. Hidden news articles such as this one need to be brought to light as a way to track a possibly paper trail to tell the tale such as the long paper trail leading to the events of 911. Remember that in almost every circumstance of a false flag event suspicious news articles such as this one tell a tale of a potential future event.