So Much For Freedom Of The Press: Presidential Limitations

So this article in a nutshell basically says that Obama was jealous over the extended coverage Mitt Romney had in Boston’s Herald Scribe and decided to limit the papers access to his fundraising event.  First I would like to just point out that Mitt Romney’s jurisdiction is Massachussetts so it would only be ordinary for the Herald Scribe to give Romney precedent especially because he’s running for the 2012 Presidential election cycle.  I don’t see any proof of intentional bias what I do see is a bitter and controlling President limiting the freedom of press which is a flagrant violation of the 1rst amendment.

It seems pretty obvious to me that the current administration is anti-constitution and I have a major problem with this.  We elect a President who has sworn an oath to protect (Not limit) the constitution of The United States of America.  Our President is a criminal and it seems is questionably committing treason and should face impeachment proceedings for things such as this as well as all the other constitutional violations he has committed such as failure to seek congressional approval before extending our troops into Libya and making it law to force everyone to buy into his healthcare agenda.  The White House actions are deplorable and Americans should not have to stand for this.  Unless ‘We The People’ wake up and start paying attention to what is going on so that we can do something about the atrocities this administration is committing such as voting these socialist pigs out of office the establishment will continue to erode away out of existence the constitution.

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