America Is Under Martial Law

You won’t hear them announce ‘We Are Currently Under Martial Law’ because they know it would stir fear and panic throughout the land.  If you think about it however, we really are under some form of Martial Law.  Just think about it:

–  The TSA’s at our nations airports are currently violating your 4th Amendment rights.  They are groping the American Public (Even babies!) without probable cause and without a warrant.  Regular Police Officers will be faced with stiff penalties and lawsuits if they conduct activities in the was the TSA are conducting themselves.  By conducting these warrantless searches you are automatically considered suspect until proven otherwise.  If you resist, you get arrested and risk being placed on a “No Fly List”.

–  We have what is called a ‘No Fly List”.  Nobody knows how one gets put on one of these things and once you are on nobody has been able to get off.  New York Senator Charles Schumer is now calling for a ‘No Ride List’ which is the same thing as a ‘No Fly List’ but it would pertain to passenger trains, subways and eventually all forms of public transportation.  Schumer is also proposing that those who are found on these lists will have their constitutional right to ‘Bear Arms’ taken away from them.  Imagine if you mysteriously are put on both of these lists? Down the road these lists will soon pertain to ‘No Work Lists’, meaning if a criminal background check is done on your for employment and your name pops up on these lists…no work for you! And there won’t be anything you can do about it!

–  Since the alleged assasination of Bin Laden the Feds have announced that Alqueda may retaliate by striking soft targets such as shopping centers, malls, retail outlets etc…and the Feds are proposing that security checkpoints be extended to these areas.  So look for in the near future TSA employees groping you as you go to the mall to do your shopping, going to the local A&P to buy dinner and to stores like Target and Walmart to update your wardrobe.

–  Yesterday the government announced that the Feds will soon be breaching your cell phones against your permission in the similar ways they do so on TV with the EAS (Emergency Alert System) to warn (Scare) you of potential safety risks.  By the end of the year New York and Washington will see this implemented and as early as April of next year the entire nation will have to be compliant.  Also they are going to put public announcement tv’s in local stores and restauraunts to inform you of the latest threats against our country.  Does this not remind you of the images we have seen on TV of pictures of people like Saddam Hussein all over Iraq and Adolf Hitler all over Germany?

–  Since the Patriot Act has been passed you may be a terrorist if you are church going person, God fearing Christian, family person, conservative, libertarian, constitutionalist, anti-establishment activist in any way etc…it’s in the Patriot Act…read it!

-The Government is well under way now of establishing a National ID card.  This will act as a sort of inter-country passport which you will need to take everywhere you go.  Inside these ID cards are RFID tracking chips (Like the ones already embedded in your drivers license, state ID’s, credit/debit cards etc..) to track your every move.

-The Government since passing the 1996 Telecommunications act has the ability to track you by your cellphone even if it is turned off.  All cellphones manufactured since 2003 by law, were made to be compliant in this manner.

– In Michigan local law enforcement are using devices to unlawfully take your cellphone during a routine traffic stop and connect it to a device which uploads all the data contained on your phone.  This is happening without a warrant or probable cause.

….This is just the beginning…I will be updating this post which you will see for yourself how our nation is moving towards full blown martial law….to be continued.

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