Make No Mistake About It We Are Being Prepped For War With Pakistan


In light that we are responsible for invoking the uprisings in the Middle East and surrounding areas, the big target over there is Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia has realized that we are betraying them and are about to see to it that the Saudi Arabian regime falls soon.  Saudi Arabia has seen this and has run to Pakistan for help (In past history the Saudi’s have done this as well).  Now that we are blaming Pakistan for aiding and abetting our manufactured enemies of the war on terror, this is going to be used as a pretext to go to war with Pakistan.  Remember, Pakistan is a nuclear nation, they have full backing by China, China is not happy with us because our dollar is crumbling.  This will likely be the starting point of World War Three. It is possible that the United States may pull off a false flag attack on the mainland and blame Pakistan as yet another pretext to war.  I have no links to offer you at this time (Google search the information yourself, if I have time I will edit this post with links).  I am simply sounding the warning siren!  America is at a heightened security alert, the police state is stepping up patrols and are using the pretext that we should expect retaliations from our terrorist enemies as a means to strip you of your constitutional rights and rights under the Bill of Rights.  They are prepping you to accept that relinquishing our rights for safety will be acceptable.  So…Stand Warned!

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