Ok, so we ALLEGEDLY found Osama hiding in a palace in Pakistan (Which by the way was surrounded by US and Pakistani military buildings and bases) all of the sudden. First we are told that it took a few weeks to confirm that he was actually there and that there was a positive DNA match after we allegedly killed him.  Then we’re told that the DNA results have not been confirmed yet but he was identified through facial recognition technology and by his wife (The latest by the way is that the White House retracts the wife story).  So one day Obama supposedly gives the order to kill Bin Laden as he and other White House staff sits around a television to watch the event unfold and a picture was cleverly taken with the only important things missing….the monitor.  So news breaks that we killed OBL in this military raid orchestrated by the CIA and gave him a proper muslim sendoff before quickly disposing of his body into the ocean.  Of course Muslims everywhere now are refuting that it was a proper sendoff and not much if anything was done according to the Muslim tradition (But then again, we just shot him in the head so we must pay respects to the dead right?).

So we as Americans should just automatically believe the government with no pictures or photos of the dead corpse (And the fake photos released hours after his death that were quickly pulled from newspapers around the globe were deemed fake only THREE years earlier).  Sorry, it all sounds like a nice fairy tale especially that in minutes people were outside the white house celebrating with signs and newly pressed flags.  Yes the excitement is overwhelming…I guess Obama does deserve to be re-elected despite the fact he has forged his birth certificate, has led our troops into another unconstitutional conflict and that our economy is at near depression levels.  But we need not pay attention to that…he got Osama and that makes him our hero.  So now the war on terror must go on because there are a lot of terrorists out there which means we need a crackdown of security in major cities and the TSA needs to step up molesting the general public going through check points.  I think armed guards in every street corner on Humvee’s with big guns attached to the rear will work just fine. “Papers Please!”

Yes, Obama and this administration is my hero…


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