The Convenient Death of Osama Bin Laden

In the mid 1980’s the CIA created Alqueda and placed Osama Bin Laden under their payroll against the Russians in Afghanistan.  It is well documented and a thorough google search will uncover the undisputable facts.  False Flag terror operations have been taken place for decades (For example, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, The attack on the USS Liberty in 1967, The Oaklahoma City Bombing, 911 and the attacks on the British subway system in 2005).

With President Obama suffering from the worst poll numbers in Presidential history, his own party is divided on his decsisions and his own credibility coming under close scrutiny…thus we get the news that Osama Bin Laden the alleged terror master of 911 has been killed.  What a convenient time for the CIA to assasinate one of their own operatives!  Now I have no proof of my belief that Bin Laden actually died a long time ago from poor health but to say that the CIA went with a hit squad to Pakistan and didn’t find him in a cave but in a mansion is suspect enough.

A recent article alludes to the fact that the global elites are already gearing up to have Obama re-elected and we all know that elections are decided by the Global Financial elite and not the voters.  Of course Obama is a very unpopular President so something needed to be done to secure or boost his re-election victory…and what a convenient way to do so…to pronounce to the world that the man who ALLEGEDLY was responsible for 911 was killed under his presidency…call me crazy….just sayin’!

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