Exposing The Globalist Agenda Can Backfire!

I am on a mission to expose the agenda of the ‘New World Order’ otherwise known as the Global Elite.  They are on a mission to hide everything in plain view to make slaves out of you by stealing away your God given rights and the rights guaranteed us by the United States Constitution because these people are evil. They are Luciferian, they are on a mission of evil and I am a child of God not meant to be enslaved by the powers that be.

Having said all this, it is believed that by exposing these people, the more people who awaken to their mission the more likely it is to stop them in their tracks however there is one danger in doing so.  It is possible that panic may set in and the elitist may speed up their agenda and foil the rebellion such as causing a major false flag terror attack on American soil expediting their mission to impose nationwide marital law stripping away any liberties we have left under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  Of course this will only spawn a mass revolt in the streets of America which is what they want…to create more chaos out of disorder.  This is the danger that runs through the back of my mind each and every day however what keeps me going is the fact that if nothing is done, we might as well just follow them to the slaughter, give them the keys to our houses and allow them access to every part of our lives right now!

I will not lay down. I will not bow down regardless of the consequences.  Being called a Conspiracy Theorist is an honor and I take pride in doing what I do.

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